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World Championships 2021

No sooner had the Olympic Games ended than the next important championship was upon us. This World Wrestling Championships took place in Oslo, Norway. This time Iran won by far the most gold medals. 7

Olympic Games 2020

Finally, the Summer Olympics have taken place, for which all people and especially the athletes themselves have been waiting for. In the men’s freestyle all gold medals went to either Russia or the

European Championships 2021

The European Championchips 2021 took place in Warsaw, Poland. Impressively, the Russian team won 6 gold medals in freestyle wrestling and 5 in Greco-Roman wrestling. Slovakia won a total of 4 gold med

Bundesliga Division 2021/22

In February of this year, it was decided by a majority to start the 2021 German Bundesliga season on September 4 with 4 groups. The distribution of the wrestling clubs is as follows: B

Bundesliga Division 2020/21

Update:On 30.10.2020 it was announced that the Bundesliga season is cancelled.The division for the coming Bundesliga season is now in place. Five promoted teams

German Team Championship 2019/20

In this year's final of the German Team Championships, KSV Köllerbach and SV Wacker Burghausen faced each other. SV Wacker Burghausen reached the final for the second time in