Iranian Team Championships 2021/22

13. Dezember 2021 Iranian Premier League

On 10 December 2021 the final of the Iranian Premier Wrestling League took place. The venue was the Azadi Sport complex in the capital Tehran, Iran.

Final freestyle match

In the final match for 1st and 2nd place the teams Sanaye Mazandaran and Fooladin Zob Amol faced each other. The team Sanaye Mazandaran around coach and former world champion Reza Yazdani won narrowly with 6:4.

The victories of Abasgadzhi Magomedov, who achieved a victory over Reza Atri by technical superiority, should be highlighted. His compatriot Magomedrasul Gazimagomedov, also belonging to Sanaye Mazandaran, won in the final against Erfan Elahi.

Russian-born Mahamedkhabib Kadzimahamedau from the Fooladin Zob Amol team, who has been competing for Belarus since 2020 and won the European Championship in 2020 and finished second at the 2020 Olympics, barely lost his fight to Ali Savadkouhi. Kadzimahamedau’s teammate Timur Bizhoev, on the other hand, won his bout in the 65 kilogram weight class against Jamal Ebadi. So did the 2021 World Champion in the 125-kilogram class, Amir Hossein Zare, who won confidently against Esmaeil Nejatian.

Currently the most popular wrestler of Iran Hassan Yazdani was missing from the lineup on the part of Fooladin Zob Amol due to injury. The reigning world champion Kamran Ghasempour succumbed to the same fate on the side of Sanaye Mazandaran.

Individual results Fooladin Zob Amol vs Sanaye Mazandaran

57kg: Reza Atri vs Abasgadzhi Magomedov, 0:10
61kg: Peyman Nemati vs Rahman Amouzad, 0:10
65kg: Morteza Ghiasi vs Farzad Amouzad, 2:2
70kg: Erfan Elahi vs Magomedrasul Gazimagomedov, 0:6
74kg: Timur Bizhoev vs Jamal Ebadi, 6:0
79kg: Mahamedkhabib Kadzimahamedau vs Ali Savadkouhi, 5:6
86kg: Hadi Vafaeipour vs Ahmad Bazri, 0:11
92kg: Amir Hossein Firouzpour vs Mohammad Javad Ebrahimi, Firouzpour by forfeit
97kg: Mohammad Hossein Mohammadian vs Mojtaba Goleij, 2:2
125kg: Amirhossein Zare vs Esmaeil Nejatian, 5:0

In the final for place 3, Darousazi Sahand Aras defeated Mazandaran Azad University clearly with 9:1. Russia’s Artur Naifonov, third in the 2019 and 2021 World Championships, also contributed to the overall victory, beating Alireza Saberian by technical superiority.