World Championships 2022

19. September 2022 International Tournaments

The 2022 World Wrestling Championships have taken place in Belgrade, Serbia. In freestyle, the performance of the Americans is particularly noteworthy. In the Greco-Roman style, four wrestlers won a gold medal for Serbia.

Here are some Highlights:


Gold FS – 77 kg: Zoltan Levai, Hungary vs Akzhol Makhmudov, Kyrgyzstan

Makhmudov showed an outstanding performance and got his revenge against Levai in the final. He is the first ever Kyrgyz to win a gold medal in Greco-Roman style at a world championship.


Gold FS – 86 kg: Hassan Yazdani, Iran vs David Taylor, USA

Once again, the two rivals faced each other in a final. While it was still even at halftime, Yazdani seemed to run out of breath in the second half and had little to oppose against Taylor’s quick leg attacks.