wrestling bundesliga germany

The German wrestling league system is unique. It is one of the best structured in the world. The German wrestling premier league (Bundesliga-Ringen) is part of this system and was introduced in 1964. In most cases, all participating top teams are divided into two divisions. The season starts with a preliminary round and a second round. This is followed by a kind of play-offs, which consists of a round of 16, quarter final and semi-final. At the end, the two best teams compete against each other, with a preliminary and a rematch, and both results are added together.

The current weight classes are as follows:

Prelimiary round
57 kg freestyle
61 kg Greco-Roman
66 kg freestyle
71 kg Greco-Roman
75 kg freestyle
75 kg Greco-Roman
80 kg freestyle
86 kg Greco-Roman
98 kg freestyle
130 kg Greco-Roman

Second round
57 kg Greco-Roman
61 kg freestyle
66 kg Greco-Roman
71 kg freestyle
75 kg Greco-Roman
75 kg freestyle
80 kg Greco-Roman
86 kg freestyle
98 kg Greco-Roman
130 kg freestyle

The team with the most championship titles to date is VfK Schifferstadt. In this ranking you will find all team champions at a glance.